And another by Kevin Chen


Courtesy, “Microphone Closeup. . .” by Stuart Miles

Last week I posted the poem “Cindy” by Kevin Chen. Here’s an encore:


                     Walk with Me

                     by Kevin Chen

Walk with me,

Like we used to

everyday after dinner

Spin dizzy to the sound of frog songs and cricket chatter and

And just for tonight,

Roll your shoulders back

let the earth slip down to your fingertips.

And we’ll pretend that all martyrs die of natural causes

Just for tonight

I want you to leave all the doors unlocked


See we’ve gotten into the habit of drowning our problems

they don’t come up for air,

but they never run out of air either


You tell me that you’ve always wanted a son

You tell me that men are not like woman,

Men are left the responsibility of a name

that carries a millennium old meaning of a generation past,

you built a marble house back in china

with the name “Chen” inscribed proudly on the terrace- I’m sorry     ,

my knees are shaking,

I’ve been rolling regrets into boulders

Only to watch them unravel when I reach the summit- I’m sorry,

that after 5 daughters and two decades

Of working behind kitchens at carry outs,


was your answer.


You made me promise,

that one day I will find a wife,

That one day I’ll bring you grandchildren,

To live in your marble kingdom- I’m sorry,

That I can’t rewire the ventricles of my heart

To flow the way you wanted,

That I will never love a woman

But understand that my definition of love isn’t blind disobedience


Walk with me,

And we’ll forgo wishful weather for the forecast

Trade heirlooms for constellations

String Christmas lights from Shanghai

To the forbidden city


Run with me,

Laws, tradition, Conditions are meant to be broken

So lets imagine them done with

let’s imagine gravity done with,

let the tombstones drift from your pockets and


Run with me,

As if your love for me wasn’t conditional

Tell me I don’t have a condition.

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