Because the Book Princess is a Treasure Hunter

Because the Book Princess is a treasure hunter, I found this in my inbox this morning:

It’s worth a watch. First, because to hear books read aloud is a unique pleasure unlike most other pleasures in the world. Second, because it fascinates me that so many truly great books are banned by someone or other. But then, maybe that’s the point. And third, because it’s just so beautifully well done. Thanks for the wonderful find, Book Princess!

Shouting from Mountaintops

Writing a blog feels a little like shouting from a mountaintop. At first, all you get back is an echo of your own voice. But it’s a mistake to think nobody heard you. Sometime, somebody might answer. I’m not much of a yeller off mountaintops, and for the same reason, I’m a reluctant blogger. But my oldest daughter, whom I’ll call Book Princess, says blog! And the Book Princess tends to know what she’s talking about (because you get smart, reading all those books), so here I am.


Okay. (That’s one of my throat clearing techniques. Better than um, and designed to get the cursor moving on the page.) Okay. So I’m blogging, because one day, I hope to hear some voices other than my own echoing back. The impetus for all this is the upcoming publication of my first novel, Zebra Forest. Though I’ve published a nonfiction book before, geared for people who need to write for work, this is a completely new experience. My writing book was fun, but it’s nothing like telling stories, and especially telling stories for young readers. (Zebra Forest is labeled for age 9 and up). Stories have a way of connecting people, and as a reader, I’ve always loved that. I hope to love it as a writer, too. So welcome to my world of reading, thinking, and miscellaneous. Here’s to shouting from mountaintops!