The Book Princess and the Book Proposal

Yesterday the Book Princess, who has often appeared on this blog, received a very interesting book proposal from her Knight in Shining Armor. It’s not the kind with outlines and explanations about where your book fits into the market. It was a more interesting one:

IMG_20131020_151729_043ring in a book (2)

Because he’s the Knight in Shining Armor, he did the whole thing with style. He called the library, found out which books were scheduled for disposal, and used one of those. He knew he’d never get a good response if he’d randomly defaced a book, no matter the reason. That he happened to find just the right title among those scheduled-to-go books, well, they do say truth is stranger than fiction.

Could there be a more appropriate way to propose to a Book Princess?


It takes a lot to impress the Book Princess, but her Knight in Shining Armor had it covered. Here’s wishing them, in my sister-in-law’s apt phrase, a wonderful happily ever after.

Congratulations Book Princess!

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