Zebra stuff!

ImageSince Zebra Forest came out, with its wonderful cover by Matt Roeser (check out some of his designs at http://www.mattroeser.com/) I’ve been lucky to be showered with zebra-themed gifts. Until now, I never knew how popular the zebra design was in the world, but I’ve been slowly enlightened, with the lovely zebra bag my friend gave me, zebra tissues (pocket-packs too!), and even a delicate blown-glass zebra given to me by another friend. And that’s not even counting the beautiful Zebra Forest sculpture created by my artist friend Stan Lebovic (whose work you can see at http://blackisacolor.com/Intro.html). So, since I’ve been on semi-hiatus due to the wonderful wedding last week of my beloved son, the Rocket Scientist, to his darling Buttercup, today I share some of my favorite zebra images. Enjoy!



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