Hooray for Books!


Trish Brown, Meg Medina, me, KP Madonia, and Ellen Klein at Hooray for Books!

My first author’s event post-publication happened last week, at a wonderful bookstore in Alexandria, Virginia called Hooray for Books! First of all, it’s difficult to think of a better name for a place than that, isn’t it? I was part of a panel called “Life is Messy” featuring books where girls narrate their own messy life stories. One of my favorite parts of the event was getting to meet two terrific YA authors, Meg Medina, another Candlewick author, whose book Yagi Delgado Wants to Kick Your Ass is a powerful story about what happens to the victim of high school bullying, and Kristen Paige Madonia, whose debut novel Fingerprints of You is about teenage pregnancy, identity, and the search for the meaning of family. Many thanks to Trish Brown and Ellen Klein of Hooray for Books for putting on this great event, and to all who came for making it lots of fun!

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