Zebra Forest!

IMG_9599The beginning of an idea is light as a soap bubble, and just as fragile. Look away, and it evaporates. Put it aside for later, and you’ll find it gone. But unlike a soap bubble, if you grab an idea and hold it, it gets firmer. If you work at it, it grows.  A long time ago, I caught one such idea, a daydream that floated up on a long drive, and wrote it down. It took a long time growing. But that weightless, shimmering thing I put out my hand for, and held onto, did find its shape, eventually. Today, Zebra Forest, my first novel, came out. I thought the day would be anticlimactic – after all, the writing is the real adventure. But it turned out I was wrong. My first surprise was a beautiful Zebra Forest sculpture, pictured above, sent to me by my friend, the artist Stan Lebovic. (Check his work out at http://www.blackisacolor.com). The second one was a surprise zebra-themed party, put together by my family, most especially my mother and sisters. Lots of fun, as they say, was had by all, but especially by me!

Here’s to blowing  bubbles!

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